Stay Connected: Mental Health Matters

Did you know connection is one of the key factors in psychological well-being and is even shown to fend off depression and anxiety?

In February 2021, CATCH and the Village of Northbrook together delivered a bright and beautiful reminder about the important link between caring connections and mental health.

Banners displayed around Northbrook featured the message: Northbrook Cares, Community Together, complemented by colorful imagery showing people interacting outside the beloved gazebo at the Village Green Park.

In addition to depicting the power of connection, the words and pictures on the banners also represent the mental health benefits of getting outside and remaining active.

The Village of Northbrook supported this project with funds designated for response to the pandemic which has taken a significant toll on mental health worldwide.

About the Artists

The artistry is the work of Heather Havlicek and Kevin Fogelson, a husband and wife creative team who embraced the opportunity to create a public art display that brings joy to Northbrook.

Heather, an art teacher at Northbrook’s Westmoor Elementary School, captures experiences and memories through narrative illustrations. Check out her creativity on Instagram: ArtsyCzech.

Kevin, a digital artist who combines art with technology, teaches Graphic Arts at Antioch Upper Grade School in Antioch. See his work on Facebook at Kevin Fogelson Graphic Design.

Artists at Work

Heather and Kevin shared their expertise and creativity in this video that shows step-by-step how they designed Northbrook Cares, Community Together.